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At Sweeten Creek Automotive repair, we will provide a thorough brake inspection for your car.  We have helped so many people in Asheville with brake problems, that we can almost do it in our sleep. When we’re finished, you’ll have total confidence knowing your car will stop when you want.  It's that simple.  We want you to be safe on the road!


We can help you keep your car running newer, longer. By letting us perform routine maintenance, you’ll save money over time.  Keeping up with your car’s vital fluid changes, filters, belts and spark plugs can prevent bigger problems down the road. You can trust the auto mechanics at Sweeten Creek Auto in Asheville because we treat every car like it's our own.


Call your "Asheville Mechanic" for almost everything related to your car. We can replace your wiper blades, replace broken belts, get your AC working again and make sure your electric windows go up and down.  If we can't handle it, we will help you find someone that can.

At Sweeten Creek Automotive not only do we perform maintenance and basic repairs but also in depth repairs. We pride our self’s in having the knowledge and capability to do major repairs that a lot of shops do not get into. In fact when a lot of the large repair facilities in town get a vehicle, with deep engine issues that they don't address there, they send their customers to us. The managers of these shops know that we will take care of their customers with the respect and integrity that they deserve. If you have a vehicle that needs engine work such as head gaskets, engine replacement, or upgrades, know that Sweeten Creek Automotive in Asheville is the one stop shop for all of your automotive needs.

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