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Below are some of the testimonials and feedback we have received from our customers.  We welcome your feedback also, so please send your emails to:



I was turned on to Sweeten Creek Automotive by a local Autozone employee when I had gone in to check my battery.  I had recently divorced and no longer had an in-house mechanic! and needed to find a reliable, honest and communicative mechanic who would explain the workings of my car to me and not give me a dismissive run-around.  It's been six years now that I have been bringing my cars to Adam and his crew. They are always honest with me about what needs to be done and I have found their pricing to be very fair and reasonable.  I recently needed a fix for an exhaust problem, and Scott recommended a much cheaper alternative than the factory-made assembly.  They have a wonderfully large and gated area for cars that need more than a day's work. These guys have saved me from major hassles many times! Friendly and informative; easy to make an appointment; and great pricing for service. - Laurel Moore, Fletcher



I took one of my trucks to Scott, my Asheville Mechanic, thinking it was going to be expensive to repair.  I was not sure what the problem was, but I knew that Adam would be able to figure it out.  He called me later to say that it was not a major repair, but something that was easy and inexpensive to fix.  I recommend Sweeten Creek Automotive to all my friends. - Don GLovan, Mr. Rooter Plumbing



My family and I were traveling to asheville for vacation. On the way my timing belt broke on my toyota rav4. We were fortunite enough to find Sweeten Creek Automotive just off I-40. Andrea and Scott were great. I called my mechanic back home and he told me that we would need an engine. Naturally i was very upset thinking that I would have to spend thousands that I didnt have just to get my family home. Adam reassured me that there was a chance that it would not be that bad. Sure enough it was not that bad. Adam was able to just install a new timing belt for much less than even my mechanic back home quoted. We were fixed up the same day and back enjoying our vacation. They were so professional and courtious that I would reccomend them to anyone!!! - Adam Green, Charlo MT



I have taken my Jeep to Sweeten Creek Automotive for three different unrelated issues since I moved to Asheville. Each time the work was done as promised for the price quoted. My jeep is now running better than ever. I'm really happy to have found a mechanic in Asheville that I can trust with my car. - John Sinnott. from Asheville



Scott, I wanted to take a minute to tell you how much it means to me to have found a mechanic of your quality and professionalism.  I have rarely had a mechanic in over 20 years take the time (that you took) to explain what was needed and why.  You clearly stated items that were necessary and those "optional" things that would help to improve the auto's performance if done now - however some items could wait if needed.  I found that approach very helpful in determining what service to have done based on how much was affordable for me.  Also, you advised the expected charge and when it would be completed and you delivered for that price and ON TIME!  Sometimes I feel I don't always grasp what a mechanic is telling me.  However with you, I felt totally comfortable throughout the process and I thank you so much.  I plan on recommending you to all my associates, friends and family.

Best Regards,  Cheryl Reavis



I have been taking my Subaru to Sweeten Creek Automotive for quite a while and have had quite a bit of work done.  I am happy to have found them to be honest and knowledgeable.  They have gone above and beyond to help me.  Tom will always tell me the truth about my car and never tells me something needs fixed or replaced if it doesn't.  The work that's been done has always been quick, correct and reasonable.  It's hard to find a place where you get great service and can trust them to always be honest, and I'm thankful that I have found them.  I am a satisfied customer and would highly recommend Sweeten Creek Automotive! - Debbie Shropshire



Scott has worked on my cars for over 10 years. Having taken typically older cars to shops for over 40 years, he is the finest mechanic I have witnessed because he has combined a good knowledge of fixing cars with integrity -- it goes hand in hand. I moved out past Sylva three years ago and I still make a 60-mile trip to Asheville to have Sweeten Creek Automotive deal with my cars. His explanations, plus a simple and accurate problem-solving attitude, are what set him apart from what can be a confusing profession. He also works well with the customer on scheduling their work to get a job done as economically and quickly as possible. - Hank Komodowski



When I moved to Asheville , I was in need of a reliable auto mechanic due to my aging vehicle.  I have since used Sweeten Creek Automotive exclusively.  As time passed, I gained a lot of confidence in the service they provided.  I found Mr. Adam Grassette to be a good, honest and helpful proprietor, his pricing was always fitting the type of repair he provided.  I can highly recommend his service and expertise.  His honesty is beyond reproach. - John Hauser



I had a great experience here. I had to wait over a week for an appointment, which I actually appreciated because when I got in, they were very efficient in diagnosing the problem(s), ordering needed parts, and getting the work done. Andrea in the office was very friendly, knowledgeable, and communicative. I'll definitely return here for future work.



I recently had a mechanical emergency in Asheville (I live an hour away) and did not know who to call. Pulled up Sweeten Creek Automotive (they were the closest) and in a panic gave them a call. Dispite it being mid afternoon with the Easter Holiday weekend looming my car was ready the next morning at a very reasonable price, including the tow. Highly recommend them! Courteous and reliable, I would not hesitate to bring my car back. Thanks guys! - Mary W. from Burnsville, NC



I live about an hour and a half away from here and travel here to go to school. I had been having trouble with my car for about two weeks(one of such problems left me on the side of the interstate about a week ago). Stopped in here when my check engine light came on and my car started making noises. Thankfully, the owner stayed after work hours to fix my car so I could go home! I can't say that many people would have done the same seeing as it was closing time when I pulled in. I appreciate the thoughtfulness and I am very grateful he decided to stay to help me. Great customer service and friendly workers.  They saved me a rental car cost and the hassle of finding a way to come pick it up!! I am thankful I stopped here! They are live savers and saved me some money by not having to rent a rental car, stay at a hotel/motel, or extra trips to get my car. Thanks so much! - Kayla B. from Hudson, NC



The mechanics at Sweeten Creek are hands down the most honest and professional we have ever used. They set the bar very high with their top-notch knowledge of all aspects of vehicle mechanics and their customer service constantly goes way above and beyond our expectations. I trust them fully with both of our family vehicles and have no reservations referring them to friends and family. I am a customer for life...  - Craig F. from Arden



I've gone in twice.  First time for a/c repair.  They solved the issue for what appeared to be the most economical solution.  Two seasons later, it still blows cold air.  More recently, I had a heat shield issue.  The repair was done quickly and the charge was minimal.  They communicate well with customers and have even given me a lift to my office.  I am real pleased with their service.
The place is easy to overlook, but worth the effort to find.



Received a lot of high quotes from other mechanics and shops. Not only was Sweeten Creek Automotive the most affordable in the Asheville Area, to my surprise gave me a discount when they found out I was a veteran, which wasn’t necessary. Very thoughtful of them. Great to know they support first responders and veterans. Highly recommend them, they’re very personal, and honest, and they do great work. Thank you, Andrea and Scott!



I had a phenomenal experience with Sweeten Creek. I had a handful of small issues with my truck that they addressed efficiently at a very reasonable price. The customer service was excellent and work was completed on time. In other words, a very fair, honest mechanic with good customer service! - Matthew Simpson



Thanks for doing such great work to fix the air conditioning in my car.  It is so nice to have an honest mechanic!  Your team did excellent work, on time, and at a great price.  I won’t take my car anywhere else!

- Pamela A. Duncan, JD, CHC

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