Toyota Hybrid Battery Powered Cars

Sweeten Creek Automotive in Asheville can help you save money and protect the investment in your hybird vehicle.  We service all hybrid cars such as: Toyta Prius, Honda, Ford, Chevrolet, Nissan, Lexus and more!



The technicians at Sweeten Creek Automotive are specially trained in hybrid batteries.  Hybrid batteries are just like conventional batteries in the sense that they have a definate life span, usually 6 years or so.  You should never try to replace a hybrid battery on your own!!!  These batteries can kill you!!!  Well trained technicians, such as the ones at Sweeten Creek Automotive in Asheville should be the only ones handling these extremely powerful batteries.


Hybrid cars are very different from conventional cars in many ways aside from electric motors and fuel economy.  The steering, braking, air conditioning and electronics are all different from strictly gasoline cars.  As such, they must be serviced properly.  The mechanics at Sweeten Creek Automotive in Asheville are extensively trained in ALL areas of your hybrid car.



Hybrid batteries do not last forever. The usual life span for a hybrid battery is around 6 years.  Hybrids are designed to be daily drivers.  If you have a Toyota Prius and you only drive it once a week your battery will not last as long as one that is driven daily.  A new Prius battery can cost around $4,500 at the dealership, but at Sweeten Creek Automotive we can replace your hybrid battery for about half that amount.  Not only can we save you thousands, we also warranty our batteries for 1 year!